Restaurants in Quito

Restaurants in Quito are a diverse lot, offering everything from very cheap and basic fare to incredibly elaborate and expensive multi-course meals. Quito restaurants are well-regarded for both their meat, particularly pork, and seafood dishes. Other typical ingredients in local cooking include plantains, potatoes and tropical fruits.

While in Quito, visitors should not miss trying ceviche, an incredibly popular dish in which seafood is marinated in broth or citrus. Many Quito restaurants serve up this local favorite including Cebiches de la Rumiñahui, which is considered one of the best restaurants in Quito for ceviche. A hot-spot that attracts locals and tourists alike, the establishment serves delicious meals at very reasonable prices. La Choza, which specializes in all things fried -- including frog legs, fish and steak and eggs -- is another local treasure. While bad for diners' diets, the restaurant is certainly worth the tasty splurge.

Those looking for a more sophisticated dining experience should make a reservation at Theatrum, one of Quito's most elegant restaurants. Theatrum offers a prix-fix menu chalk full of inventive dishes, all elaborately plated.

For dinner, order the sole ceviche in tomato juice.