Things to do in Quebec City

Luc-Antoine Couturier

Time your visit to coincide with one of the many summer or winter festivals. In the summer, you can watch the daily changing of the guard at the Cita... Read More

Time your visit to coincide with one of the many summer or winter festivals. In the summer, you can watch the daily changing of the guard at the Citadelle, or, in the winter, you can sled across the Plains of Abraham. Quebec City is dynamic, and the things to do highlight the best of the indoors and outdoors—whether you’re a backpacker, traveling with family, or on a romantic getaway, you’ll find countless activities. From strolls down the famous Dufferin Terrace to spending a day nosing through up-and-coming area Saint-Roch to booking tickets to a musical act at Le Capitole, this centuries-old city shows no signs of slowing down.

Historic buildings, art-lined streetscapes, relaxing parks, world-class musicians, and theatre performances are some of Quebec City’s best attractions. From lively jazz bars to wonderful art exhibitions, it’s not hard to see why Quebec has been a favorite for centuries.

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  • Charlevoix Rail Transit in Quebec City Courtesy of Charlevoix Rail Transit
    Charlevoix Rail Transit

    From Quebec City to La Malbaie, the Charlevoix Rail Transit winds through 125 kilometers of countryside charm, stopping in seven towns and picturesque... Read More

  • Ile d'Orleans in Quebec City Louis Hébert
    Ile d'Orleans

    Ile d'Orleans lies in the middle of the St. Lawrence River and is just a 15-minute drive from downtown Quebec City. The entire island is a designated... Read More

  • La Citadelle de Quebec City Olivier Lavigne-Ortiz
    La Citadelle de Quebec

    Quebec City is one of the last remaining fortified cities in North America—it was developed between 1608 and 1871—and you can take a guided tour to... Read More

  • Le Capitole Theater in Quebec City Courtesy of Le Capitole
    Le Capitole

    Le Capitole is a Beaux Arts-style theater first designed in 1902 by famed American architect Walter S. Painter. It's one of 15 buildings in the city... Read More

  • Musees de la Civilasation Museum in Quebec City Courtesy of Musée de la civilsiation
    Musée de la Civilisation

    This museum was opened in 1988 in Old Quebec, next to the St. Lawrence River, to help promote and showcase French culture and history. Designed by the... Read More

  • Observatoire de la Capitale Observatory in Quebec City Courtesy of CCNQ, Les Festifs
    Observatoire de la Capitale

    Standing at 221 meters above sea level (and with 31 floors), this is Quebec City's tallest building. The former exhibition hall is now the city's... Read More

  • Quartier Petit Champlain in Quebec City Courtesy of Quartier Petit Champlain
    Quartier Petit Champlain

    This is an unmissable quarter of the city—in 2014 Rue de Petit-Champlain was named the best street in Canada. With cobbled streets, stone facades, and... Read More

  • Laval University Roger-Van den Hende Garden in Quebec City Justine Leblanc
    Roger-Van den Hende Botanical Garden

    Located inside Laval University, the city's main institution for post-secondary education, the Roger-Van den Hende Botanical Garden is free for all... Read More

  • Rue du Tresor in Quebec City Getty Images
    Rue du Trésor

    This street used to provide access to the Royal Treasure, and it's where the colonists ventured to pay their yearly taxes. The cobbled street now plays... Read More

  • Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-de Mons in Quebec City

    JR Thibault & Marie T. Thibault/flickr

    Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-de Mons

    Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-de Mons, at the end of popular Rue St. Denis, is a welcome oasis (it's part of the larger Champs-de-Bataille park). The green... Read More

  • The Old Port in Quebec City Luc-Antoine Couturier
    The Old Port

    In the early 19th century, Quebec City's Old Port was one of the five biggest ports in the world. The surrounding waters remain a key cruise ship... Read More

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