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By April Orcutt
See our slideshow of the World’s Craziest Party Towns. “Goths in black leather sit next to new-century punks with dyed Mohawks, who are talking to a group of ‘80s revival, thrift-shop girls on their way to a party that’ll be DJ’d by a transvestit...
By Horacio Silva
Perhaps it's a function of my having been born as common as mud in a landslide, in the working-class suburbs of Montevideo, Uruguay, but I've always dismissed the summer resort town of Punta del Este as a vulgar party paradise for the cont...

Restaurants in Punta del Este

Trust Argentine chef Francis Mallmann to create a dining destination worth the detour. Five handsome guest rooms appeal to those who want to linger over the smashed gigot of local lamb.

Things to do in Punta del Este

Punta's longest-running bar and springboard for diving into the city's (late) nightlife.