Restaurants in Puglia

Puglia restaurants which serve the region’s traditional cucina povera (peasant cooking) are renowned in a country where food is practically a religion. Using ingredients from the farms and orchards that blanket the countryside, Puglia restaurants will treated you to a culinary feast of olives, fava beans, milky burrata, artichokes, grapes, salami, peppers, mushrooms and fresh seafood—all bursting with flavor like you’ve never tasted before.

When talking about the best restaurants in Puglia, it is impossible not to mention Al Fornello da Ricci, the Michelin-starred restaurant in Ceglie Messapica where you can have a taste some of the finest antipasti and seafood dishes in Puglia, along with sampling their exceptional wine list. The setting of restaurants in Puglia can be just as captivating as the food. Dining at Osteria del Tempo Perso is like traveling back in time. Dig into tegamino di funghi cardoncelli (mushroom stew with a puffy cap of bread) while sitting in rough-hewn stone caverns in the “white city” of Ostuni. There are many delicious culinary adventures awaiting you in Puglia.


The Osteria del Tempo Perso ("Inn of Lost Time") is squirreled into cavelike rooms off one of the many narrow alleys in Ostuni, a hilltop cluster of whitewashed buildings nicknamed The White City.

The restaurant specializes in such Salentine dishes as pure di fave e cicorie, a purée of fava beans served with wilted chicory, and ciceri e tria, a partly fried pasta tossed with chickpeas.