P.A.T.H. Finders International

P.A.T.H. Finders International

5 Na Homoli, Prague,

P.A.T.H. FINDERS is a family business, started by Tom & Marie Zahn in 1994. With the help of several skilled associates, we assist families to trace their roots throughout Central Europe.

While we are keenly aware of the extraordinary demands of these services, there is nothing impersonal about our approach to this work. In each case, we conduct research as though it is our own family history that we are tracing.

In all cases, the mission of P.A.T.H. FINDERS is first and foremost, to provide a bridge for you to travel back in time. We take great pride in the fact that we not only collect names and dates, but it is also our goal to thoroughly answer your questions, so that you will better understand the data.

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