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If you want to visit the largest castle in the world, start traveling east and bring a dictionary: you’ll need to spend some time parsing definitions.... Read More

Jakuba Wejhera was a 17th-century Polish nobleman and military leader. He fought in the Smolensks War, The Deluge, the Russo-Polish War and the... Read More

When it comes to bike lanes, there's a lot to be desired. Sometimes a painted white line down the road just isn't going to cut it. That being said, we... Read More

Pope Francis is touring Poland through July 31, for the celebration of the Catholic church's World Youth Day.Pope John Paul II established World Youth... Read More

The history of the Polish city of Szczecin (pronounced shchay-cheen) is as vexed as its spelling. Near what’s now the German border, it was swapped... Read More

If you pull away from any city and view it from the air, you're going to catch a more clear view of its innerworkings. But with Poland, you get the... Read More

Post offices often get a bad rap these days, but in earlier times, they were vital urban institutions that often inhabited grand buildings. ... Read More

Europe has it's share of endlessly photographed architectural destinations in well-trod European cities. Milan's Duomo, Paris's Notre Dame, and London's... Read More

Travelers are hustling to Poland in search of gold—specifically a Nazi train filled with treasure that's thought to live in an undiscovered tunnel... Read More

A Lufthansa flight carrying 108 passengers narrowly missed colliding with a drone as it made its descent into Warsaw Chopin Airport on Tuesday.The... Read More

Hotels around the world are getting more expensive. According a recent report by the behemoth booking site, the average price for a room rose... Read More

Lounging atop the new Hilton, in Gdańsk, Poland, I could easily forget that the rebuilt city was where World War II’s opening salvos were fired. I’m... Read More

Each year, Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens transforms into a winter wonderland with twinkling lights, children’s shows, and plenty of glogg. November 20... Read More

A fireman with a brass trumpet has just blown the hourly call from the belfry that towers above the red-brick walls of the Basilica of the Virgin Mary... Read More

Twenty years ago my husband, John, and I, both journalists, moved to Warsaw with our two young daughters to cover Communist Poland. Two days after our... Read More

Most certainly, I would spend some time in Bellagio, Italy, on Lake Como. What could be better than dining alfresco on the region's best food under rows... Read More

Greece | Hungary | Scotland | England | Portugal | Spain | France | Germany | Belgium | Poland | Road rules | Ins and Outs of Renting a Car in Europe ... Read More

Here, five new properties to shake up Europe's hotel scene.BRIGHTONThe 71-room Alias Hotel Seattle (Brighton Marina, England; 44-1273/679-799; www... Read More

Warsaw is not the "new Prague"—the next cheap and chic Eastern European playground—and it doesn't want to be. The political and creative forces... Read More

I'm sitting in a little wine-and-coffee bar in Warsaw, listening to Polish conversations burble all about me, drinking Rioja, and talking with Zbigniew... Read More

VIENNA AUSTRIA $236 At the 16th-century Hotel König von Ungarn (10 Schulerstrasse; 43-1/515-840;; breakfast included), just a short walk... Read More

Warsaw's heart-of-downtown thoroughfare, Nowy Swiat ("New World" in Polish), is finally embracing its name. After years of decline, its dilapidated... Read More

See our slideshow of 10 of the Coolest Underground Travel Spots.While walking in the West Virginia woods in 1978, Dr. Robert Conte saw something that... Read More

Quick: Where do Panama hats come from?If it sounds like a trick question, that’s because it is. For most of us, the counterintuitive fact that Panama... Read More

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express—a reconstruction of the train that inspired Agatha Christie's famous mystery—glides from Paris to Istanbul in six days... Read More

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