Plateau Mont-Royal

Arthur Quentin


3960 Rue St.-Denis,
H2W 2M2.

An antiques and curios shop opened in 1975, Arthur Quentin has since expanded to offer housewares, accessories, clothing, cookware, and other decorative items. Housed in three heritage row houses, the Plateau-neighborhood store carries French tableware from Gien and Maintenon, pots from Staub and Le Creuset, and specialty crêpe pans and Moroccan tagines. One unique item is the Quebec-made vertical rotisserie—a design based on using a beer can to cook chicken. Sandstone clay pots painted with brightly colored enamels include starters for fermenting homemade vinegar. There's also a selection of gifts, like designer messenger bags, perfumed soaps, and wristwatches.