Philippines Travel Guide

With weeklong parties, land seeped in history, and the ocean begging for visitors, you’ll never be asking yourself what to do in the Philippines. Be reminded of the rich history of the world’s second great war and its impact on the Philippines. Viewing the memorials dedicated to key WWII battles is among things to in the Philippines, as is soaking in the sites of the main battle ground in Manila, where residents were victim to a crossfire at war’s end. Surfers will rejoice at the massive waves they’ll find in the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, leaving them with no doubt what to do in the Philippines. The best waves are up north, and chances to ride waves in the less-traveled areas are available via canoes. What’s the Philippines without its culture of fiestas? Checking out the energy of these fiestas that take place throughout the year are among the top things to do in the Philippines. The Ati-Atihan Festival on the third Sunday of January is a weeklong street party, where there’s no shortage of partying from morning until night. And, what’s a festival without its food? The fare varies by region, but usually consists of staples like beef and chicken dishes with a hint of fish seen sporadically.

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