Restaurants in Patagonia

Patagonia has two lengthy coastlines—the Pacific to the west, and the Atlantic to the east—and so, as you might expect, Patagonia restaurants are known for their exquisite seafood. Salmon, octopus, and crab are the most commonly-offered ingredients in the best restaurants in Patagonia. For those who prefer meat, lamb is a local delicacy.

The Cornel Wini serves traditional Argentine cuisine, such as the dark fruit cake, but also offers European and American-inspired dishes like pasta and pizza. At Barricas de Enopia, you can get a taste of barbecued lamb and wild boar served in an elegant and intimate environment. It is all accompanied by the excellent wines and cheeses for which Patagonia restaurants are world-famous. Cantina El Náutico is one of the oldest restaurants in Patagonia, and has been family-run for at least three generations. Some of its specialties include the homemade pasta and seafood dishes, all served in generous portions. The Casimiro Biguá is a restaurant and wine bar where you can choose from famous Patagonian lamb with a wild berry sauce, homemade pasta, risotto, and steak.

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Dine on sirloin wrapped in boar with a Malbec wine sauce at this brick-walled restaurant.

Chef Alejandro Marchant offers a sophisticated take on regional cuisine: wild boar prosciutto with sauerkraut, venison robed in honey and balsamic vinegar.

This boisterous spot is known for grilled meats and fish.