Tips and Articles for Papua New Guinea

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Leonardo DiCaprio's film The Beach showed a group of travelers living in an idealistic community on a stunning secret island. Now, that fictional story... Read More

It’s not easy to travel to Papua New Guinea. The exact qualities that make the country so attractive to adventurers—its rugged natural beauty, thriving... Read More

Three international flights, one domestic puddle jumper, and 30 minutes worth of oar strokes in a hollowed-out canoe—I finally made it. The very edge of... Read More

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People go to Papua New Guinea for all sorts of reasons. Prospectors go to mine for gold. Biologists go to study the DNA of some tribes and the medicinal... Read More

Who hasn’t fantasized about jetting off to an ultraluxe private isle, like Turtle Island in Fiji, where a staff of 100 caters to the whims of just 28... Read More

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