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By Joe Yogerst

Whether rising from the sea, desert, or forest, these cliffs lure travelers with the promise of gorgeous scenery and adrenaline rushes.

By Bree Sposato
Trekking, Walking, and Biking Alpine Ascents Adrenaline-inducing mountaineering trips that tackle the world’s tallest peaks, including less extreme itineraries such as a seven-day hike up Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. 206/378-1927. T+L Trip...
By Adam H. Graham
By Adam H. Graham
By Joshua Pramis

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Insider tip: The Chandrabhaga Cattle & Camel Fair near Jhalawar, India, happens on the same full moon as the Pushkar festival; it easily attracts as many Rabari tribespeople, but is far less touristy. Years as agent: 13.