Outside Sydney

Tower of Terror


Coomera, Dreamworld,
Gold Coast,

Brace Yourself: Australia’s Gold Coast is a little off the map for most people, but if you are in the neighborhood, head for this: the fastest, tallest thrill ride in the Southern Hemisphere (and at 100 mph, the fourth fastest in the world). After climbing at a rate of 4 G’s to a heart-stopping height of 38 stories, or 377 feet aboveground, the steel shutter roller coaster has a 6.5 second, 100 mph, zero-gravity drop, and then stretches straight out for the equivalent length of three football fields.

If You Chicken Out: Your choice: head over to the Australian Big Brother House (on the park property) and watch caged reality show contestants battle it out; or make a beeline to Tiger Island, Dreamworld’s exclusive big cat habitat, which features both Bengal and Sumatran tigers behaving better than the Big Brother contestants.