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By Mary Luz Mejia
If you're the kind of traveler that wants to see and do it all when you reach a new city, we understand. That's why it's tough to watch precious hours tick by stuck in a long line, waiting to get into a sought-after destination—only to be disappoi...
By Amy McKeever
Airbnb is courting Toronto sports fans with its latest rental on the market: a free overnight stay in a private suite at the city’s sports arena complete with premium tickets to see both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors play. Instea...
By Mary Luz Mejia
The perfect souvenir evokes a city's charms without shouting it from the rooftops. Some prefer mementos of the edible variety, made by a local artisan using only the best that the city has to offer. Others want a keepsake to remind themselves of w...
By Melissa Locker
Star Wars fans no longer have to head to Tatooine for a drink. A new Star Wars–themed bar has just opened in the Canadian capital's suburb of Orleans. “The Cantina is actually where Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi first meet Han Solo and it’s a b...
By Mary Luz Mejia
Toronto is a city that loves a good loaf of burnished bronze , crusty bread as much as a shatteringly crisp-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside macaron. And its citizens all have their favorite bakeries for different items. This city's best are m...
By Mary Luz Mejia
Toronto is known as a "City of Neighborhoods," home to a global citizenry that showcases 140 languages and dialects. Latin Americans make up almost three percent of this diverse population, according to the latest census numbers. Though the city h...

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The Royal York, which officially opened in 1929, is one of Toronto's grand dames of hotels. Back then, it was the tallest building in the British Commonwealth and was considered the benchmark-setter of hospitality standards.

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Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky captures the world’s industrially changed landscape—orange nickel tailings flowing like lava over Ontario fields, tires piled by the thousands in rural California.