Old San Juan

Things to do in Old San Juan

Discovering what to do in Old San Juan is an experience any traveler will relish. The Puerto Rican capital's centuries-long history with European colonialism has left behind a melange of cultures and foods and astonishing colonial architecture. As an island nation, located near the mouth of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico was historically a crucial military site, and one of the best things to do in Old San Juan is to visit the forts. El Morro and La Fortaleza are perfect destinations for those who want to see places where history took place.

The statue La Rogativa is another famous historical monument that you can visit. If you are a person that loves to dance, then you've come to the right place—salsa dancing is one of the most popular (and most fun!) things to do in Old San Juan. Cozy up to a partner, or take group classes.

If you enjoy the night then finding what to do in Old San Juan couldn't be easier. Consider a night walking tour around the city, such as the Debbie Molina's Night Tales, or just go out and have fun at the many bars and lounges that you can find in Old San Juan.

Salsa is a national pastime in Puerto Rico; though it didn't originate on the island, it might as well have. For a sultry night of dancing, head to this tiny yet frenetic nightspot, tucked down an alleyway off an Old Town street.

More commonly known as El Morro, this stone garrison is the second-oldest freestanding fort in the Americas.

You'll have to carve out your own space on the often-crowded dance floor in this tiny club. But the crowd is friendly, and everyone will be delighted to help you merengue, salsa, and samba your way through the night like a pro.

With its exquisite collection of oil paintings and furniture spanning a variety of periods, El Alcazar is one of the best sources for antiques in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rican governors have resided in this structure (originally a fort) since 1543, though it wasn't named the governor's official residence until 1822. In fact, it's the Western Hemisphere's oldest executive mansion that's still in use.

Stock up on the island's famed coffee at this colorful shop in Old Town, which carries eight Puerto Rican brands. You'll also find a vast selection of Caribbean-influenced spices, sauces, jams, and even bath gels, soaps, and perfumes.