Old San Juan

Restaurants in Old San Juan

In many Old San Juan restaurants, you will find the true taste of Puerto Rican cuisine, which is very rich in flavors and colors. It bears great influence from Spanish, Mexican and American cuisine. Among its specialties are the sopón de pollo con arroz, meaning chicken soup with rice and, carne frita con cebolla, which is fried beefsteak with onions. Here are some selections of the best restaurants in Old San Juan.

If you want a taste of Latin-American seafood, Aguaviva is the San Juan restaurant to go to. Everything is prepared by the hands of the Chef Hector Crespo. There you will find ceviches seasoned with Caribbean spices. Lemongrass is one of a growing number of restaurants in Old San Juan that present fusion cuisine inspired in the Asian and Latin flavors. One of the most popular dishes is the sweet plantain and chorizo wontons, served with goat cheese. At Pamela's restaurant, the chef Esteban Torres was inspired by the roots of the Caribbean cuisine. He offers unique, delicious dishes, such as sun dried tomato escabeche codfish. If you are a meat lover, the restaurants in Old San Juan also offer you top quality steak houses. One of the best is BLT Steak, located right on the Atlantic coastline.

Located in the hip hotel Chateau Cervantes, Panza (named after Don Quixote's sidekick), is one of Old San Juan's chicest eateries.

Locals pack into this colorful restaurant at lunchtime for down-home comida criolla, the traditional Puerto Rican cooking that pulls from the island's Spanish, African, and Indian heritage. Ignore the slightly cheesy décor—e.g.

Behind its traditional old-world façade, Marmalade is like a Technicolor fantasy: bright white spaces punctuated by hot pinks, aquamarines, and sunburst oranges; alcoves draped with diaphanous red curtains; servers dressed in candy-hued tunics.