Restaurants in Oaxaca

Mexican cuisine is known for rich flavors and vibrant colors, and a fearless approach to spice. Whether you want to be delighted with traditional Mexican cuisine, or venture instead for international interpretations, the restaurants in Oaxaca offer it all. An impressive pantheon of first-class chefs is at the helm of Oaxaca restaurants, and they are ready to provide the world with a gastronomic introduction to Oaxacan fare. They are the powerhouses behind the best restaurants in Oaxaca, and arguably, some of the best in the world.

Los Pacos is known for its mole specialties, which are typical Mexican sauces made with a spicy, chocolatey essence. Here, you can ask for a gustación de moles, and have small servings of different moles to sample the breadth of the traditional sauce.

Consider the Casa Oaxaca restaurant for typical Mexican cuisine made by Chef Alejandro Ruiz. Regional Oaxacan specialties include the Crisp Duck Tacos, and rabbit topped with a Pinotepa yellow mole.

Open since 1976, the Catedral restaurant offers typical dishes from Oaxaca, as well as upscale international cuisine. This place is one of the Oaxaca restaurants where traditional plates and contemporary flair meet in perfect harmony.

At the Temple restaurant, you can dine with the smooth sound of jazz as your backdrop in the evenings. One of the famous specialties offered is the squash blossom soup, topped with tangy goat cheese.

This little spot is owned by Amado Ramírez Leyva, who is part of the Slow Food movement. The menu highlights four kinds of organic corn flour—the cooks have to stone-grind it out back—and the tortillas are made on the grill, with cheese and herbs inside.

Drop by this homey restaurant for slow-roasted pork and house-made corn tortilla quesadillas.

The restaurant, owned by the Mendoza sisters, serves a delicious guisado de pollo.

A smaller marketplace off the beaten path. Churros, or sugary donuts, and meat-or cheese-filled empanadas are a must.