Hotels in Oaxaca

Across Oaxaca, hotels offer visitors a wide array of choices. From modern boutique hotels in the state’s dynamic cities, to hotels with historic charm or unparalleled beachfront views, where you are welcomed at the sound of the Ocean, the resorts and hotels in Oaxaca are some of the most well-appointed in the country. We’ve curated for you some of the best hotels in Oaxaca.

Consider the Casa Oaxaca for a hotel that blends its traditional colonial architecture together with contemporary interiors. Guests have access to handmade products and beautiful, natural surroundings.

The Hotel Azul de Oaxaca is among our favorite little boutique hotels in Oaxaca and is known for its distinct modern Mexican design, created by local artists. The ultra-luxurious Hotel Escondido is known for its minimal and rustic in design, and smartly positioned right in front of the Pacific coastline. It offers sixteen bungalows, a pool bar, and a restaurant with exquisite seafood dishes.

Among the hotels in Oaxaca we like the most is the Quinta Real Hualtulco. Located in the historical center of Oaxaca, the building—originally built as a convent in 1576— boasts a charming garden and fountains. A recent renovation transformed the site into a luxury hotel with stunning classical features.

A cooperative of eight villages located in the forested Sierra Norte region outside of Oaxaca. Reserve accommodations and guide services through their Oaxaca office.

Originally a Dominican convent built in 1576, the Camino Real is filled with history. Bougainvillea spills over the cloister archways; a stone basin where nuns once laundered their habits is now a courtyard fountain.

The bare-bones hotel serves simple food and drink.