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A total solar eclipse happens only about once every 18 months, and is frequently only visible from hard-to-reach places on the globe.In March 2015,... Read More

Whether you've been to Norway or not, you're in for a treat. The country has it all: mountains, fjords, glacial waters—there's enough to fill your photo... Read More

Norway’s leading hiking and outdoor group, Norsk Friluftsliv, is looking to limit the large number of tourists hiking to Norway's most... Read More

A Viking ship is nearing the final stop on its North American tour.This past April, the dragon-headed Draken Harald Hårfagre made a historic ocean... Read More

After a bizarre story surfaced out of Norway earlier this week in which 323 reindeer were reportedly struck by lightning and all died together,... Read More

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence from Russia, Norway is considering giving its neighbor a new record.When the border between... Read More

Navigating Norway's fjords is beautiful, but daunting.Driving along the coast from the southern city of Stavanger to the North Cape takes around 40... Read More

You may have never heard of Alesund, Norway, but it is one of the hottest towns out there…literally. That’s because they broke the world record on June... Read More

This story originally appeared on most women my age are concerned with finding “the one” and settling down, I’m hoping to perpetuate... Read More

Stetinden Mountain in Oppland, a town in Southern Norway, is breathtaking from the ground. But from its peak, it is downright dizzying.A brave climber... Read More

Norway’s Lofoten Islands—a kingdom perched above the Arctic Circle and dominated by snow-capped mountains and foamy waters—are out of this... Read More

For those of you based in Los Angeles, consider this the best Hump Day ever: we’ve found seven amazing flight deals from this West Coast hub to... Read More

Admit it: you've had Norway on the brain every since the release of Frozen. And even if you're not a fan of Anna and Elsa, you should ... Read More

Animals are truly incredible. First, there’s flying dogs—more on that here—and now there’s skiing cats. Jesperpus, a three-year-old mixed breed, loves... Read More

Catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights from the ground, bundled to your liking in winterwear is glorious in its own right. But taking them in from a... Read More

All acrophobiacs aside, you shouldn't go through life without taking in Norway's fjords from the new spectacular platform that's opening up to the... Read More

Scandinavian chain Comfort Hotels has already reversed a plan it announced late last week to ban bacon and sausage from its breakfast menu. The chain’s... Read More

When mystery writer Harlan Coben thinks family vacation, cruises always pop to mind. Coben has taken his four kids, ages 6 to 14, on cruises to the... Read More

Top New BridgesNo. 1 Grand Canyon Skywalk, ArizonaNo. 2 Henderson Waves Pedestrian Bridge, SingaporeNo. 3 Millau Viaduct, Millau, FranceNo. 4 Ponte... Read More

Never walkaway from homeahead of your axe and sword.You can't feel a battlein your bonesor foresee a fight.-- from The Sayings of the VikingsDay 1:... Read More

I WENT TO THE ARCTIC BECAUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. A few years ago, as I was annotating an edition of Mary Shelley's novel, I traveled to all the places in... Read More

Ever dreamt of sailing the Neva to visit the czars' summer palace?Or cruising the Rhine, stopping for tastings at vineyards all along the way?Somewhere... Read More

In midsummer, night never quite comes to Oslo, which lies on a sheltered estuary seven degrees latitude below the Arctic Circle. The sun sets late,... Read More

Meet Mr. C. Thorne Corse, age 76, a retired San Francisco attorney who, in less than six years, has embarked on 63 cruises aboard the Crystal Symphony... Read More

See our T+L Design Awards 2009 slideshow.Meet the JuryArchitect Adam D. Tihany founded New York City–based Tihany Design in 1978. His multidisciplinary... Read More

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