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  • Amazing Bridges of the World

    See our slideshow of 10 Amazing Bridges. ... Read More

  • 10 Best Cruises for Families

    When mystery writer Harlan Coben thinks family vacation, cruises always pop to mind. Coben has taken his four kids, ages 6 to 14, on cruises to the... Read More

  • Tour through Norway

    Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You can't feel a battle in your bones or foresee a fight. -- from The Sayings of the Vikings... Read More

  • Chilly Scenes of Summer

    I WENT TO THE ARCTIC BECAUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. A few years ago, as I was annotating an edition of Mary Shelley's novel, I traveled to all the places in... Read More

  • Continental Drift

    Ever dreamt of sailing the Neva to visit the czars' summer palace?Or cruising the Rhine, stopping for tastings at vineyards all along the way?Somewhere... Read More

  • Traditional Life in Norway

    In midsummer, night never quite comes to Oslo, which lies on a sheltered estuary seven degrees latitude below the Arctic Circle. The sun sets late,... Read More

  • Spotlight: Crystal Cruisaholic

    Meet Mr. C. Thorne Corse, age 76, a retired San Francisco attorney who, in less than six years, has embarked on 63 cruises aboard the Crystal Symphony... Read More

  • T+L Design Awards 2009

    See our T+L Design Awards 2009 slideshow. ... Read More

  • European Manor-House Hotels

    Play lord for a day at one of these new European manor-house hotels: On the outskirts of Oslo, the 20-room Herregårdshuset Bed & Breakfast Hotel (Dal,... Read More

  • Outdoor Adventures in Europe

    For most visitors to the Continent, going off the beaten path means finding a restaurant that's not yet in the guidebooks. But Europe is, in fact, the... Read More

  • Bergen and Beyond

    "Take an umbrella" was what most people who knew anything about Norway told me when I mentioned I was going to Bergen. "It's boring" was another... Read More

  • T+L Reports: Travelers' Yarns

    A growing army of "knit wits" are taking vacations that combine stitching with sightseeing, shopping, and massages. Get your needles ready. NORWAY Join... Read More

  • Scandinavia's Culinary Evolution

    Just what is it with Scandinavians?Blessed with an innate neophilia, they embrace the avant-garde with uncanny ease. Provocative forms and ideas are... Read More

  • Affordable European Hotels

    VIENNA AUSTRIA $236 At the 16th-century Hotel König von Ungarn (10 Schulerstrasse; 43-1/515-840;; breakfast ... Read More

  • Recording Reykjavik and Oslo

    Some 12 years ago I began writing about a small town in upstate New York very much like the one I inhabit. There was an undeniable convenience to this.... Read More

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