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By Amy Schellenbaum
The Himalayas boast nine of the 10 highest mountain peaks on the planet, its 1,500 miles of snow-coated ridges of great religious significance for Buddhists and Hindus. Its mountains have set the scene for operas, and tourism in Nepal is the count...
Sustainability “People want to create spaces that tell their story,” Global Vision Awards jury member David Gensler says. “They want to be direct and inspiring in a complicated world.” These four winners embrace the idea that building and operati...
By Lyndsey Matthews
By Sarah Gold

Oases around the world that turn the journey inward.

By Bree Sposato
North America Iconic Hikes Our top picks for tackling some of the most scenic U.S. landscapes. Yosemite National Park, California: On the Yosemite Walking & Hiking tour from Backroads, stroll beneath an 1,800-year-old giant sequoia in the...
By Sarah Gold
When San Francisco ad executive John Porter started planning his annual vacation in 2005, he knew he wanted something different. A seasoned traveler, Porter had already stayed in swanky resorts and explored exotic destinations around the globe—all...

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Simple but immaculate lodgings in a Ladakhi family’s ancestral home.

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