Restaurants in Normandy

Normandy cuisine relies heavily on the local farms, orchards, and gardens—but tends toward the decadently rich. Two of the big “crops” of the region are apples and cream (and, by association, butter and cheese), the latter thanks to the wealth of cows. Normandy restaurant meals also feature plenty of local seafood— such as lobster, oyster, and sole—and as well as the occasional tripe stew. Here are some of the best Normandy restaurants:

Located in Bagnoles de l’Orne, Manor du Lys is helmed by chef Franck Quinton is known for its lobster entrée fused with pears, as well as fresh-baked breads and fabulous desserts. Le Mascaret is a renowned Deauville restaurant that offers local catches with a slight Slavic twist. Creperie Roland is a Normandy restaurant is best known for its caramel and vanilla crepes, but also serves a delicious andouillette—a coarse-grained sausage made with wine, pork and onions. For a classic Normandy meal at La Mare o Poissons, the traditional fish-house in Ouistreham, order the sole or sardines, which come in enormous portion sizes with a side of Norman cheese.

Order a bowl of moules frites.

This seafood brasserie faces the Trouville port.

Though it’s a local cliché, one must eat at this seafood brasserie facing the Trouville port. The place is the sort of French restaurant you dream—and have nightmares—about: the zinc accents, the paper-covered tables, and, of course, the comically abrupt waiters.

Enjoy a quiet, delicious lunch just down the street from the town’s church.

Order the baked-Camembert salad.