Hotels in Normandy

Normandy is split into two distinct regions: Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy, and there are plenty of hotel options in each. You won’t find a surplus of big-brand-name luxury hotels (even in the main cities, Caen and Bayeux), but plenty or charming independent hotels, with all of the modern perks. Just be sure to book well ahead of time if you want to stay in the beach towns on summer weekends, when crowds swell. Find some charming options among the best hotels in Normandy.

Residence Pierre Vacances Port Guillaume is a condo-style hotel in Normandy just a short walk from the beach, in a little town along the area known as Côte Fleurie (Flowered Coast). La Petite Folie is a townhouse dating back to the 1830s, this antiques-filled Normandy hotel is next to Honfleur’s old port; you can also stay in rooms or lodgings next door in a renovated sea captain’s house. To experience the classic Normandy beach culture, stay at Normandy-Barriere an iconic 290-room Deauville beach resort—with its quirky green exterior, turrets, and balconies—which first opened in 1912.

Located in a 17th-century port, the hotel is made up of three fishermen's houses.

A pleasant, family-friendly inn and spa with an ambitious (if overrated) restaurant.

An 18th-century former residence set in expansive gardens.

Bed down for the night in the cheerful hotel and let the sounds of the sea lull you to sleep.