Restaurants in Nicaragua

Restaurants in Nicaragua serve delicious meals of local cuisine—breakfast on fresh-picked papayas and mangoes, lunch on nacatamales with fried plantains and feast on fresh seafood pulled straight from the ocean for dinner. Nicaragua restaurants use local ingredients and serve a healthy menu that will appeal to all diners. Visitors will be treated to nacatamales, a tasty cornmeal pocket stuffed with vegetables and shredded meat and then boiled in plantain leaves. Warm baked corn tortillas and gallo pinto, seasoned fried rice with red beans, accompany almost every meal at Nicaragua restaurants. Nicaraguans raise grass-fed beef for delicious steaks, while fish and lobster are caught daily in the Pacific and Caribbean. And let’s not forget the delightful tres leches cake for dessert.

Some of the best restaurants in Nicaragua are going to be the beach shacks serving fresh grilled fish tacos with sliced avocado and shredded cabbage. Nothing beats a bite of a salty taco after a long day in the sun.

This dark, candlelit restaurant, despite the name (The Third Eye), wears its bohemianism lightly.

The property has low-rent oceanfront rooms for strapped travelers. Walk the 20 paces to the end of the pier, over the dazzling blue-green shallows and into the rustic, colonnaded one-room restaurant.

You can have a terrific lunch on the porch. The restaurant is run by the Espinosa sisters, Alicia and Irene, and named after their mother, who was still making the pork and chicken nacatamales into her nineties.