Restaurants in Newport, RI

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Clam chowder at Black Pearl is the dish every visitor should try, because it’s classic, one of a kind, and an unshakable part of Newport’s cultural... Read More

Of all the underwater delights, few would rank clams at the top of their list. But not Rhode Islanders—they can’t get enough of them. And Flo’s Clam... Read More

Newport’s tendency for white-tuxedo service can set the bar pretty high, but no one’s expecting you to spring for lobster at every meal. For a more low... Read More

Excess of a more approachable kind rules at this kitschy and acid-hued diner, which serves globally influenced dishes—that still nod to the region... Read More

It takes guts to break the mold in stubborn old Newport, but if anyone’s up to the challenge, it’s chef, a West Coast transplant and James Beard... Read More

The Mooring, with its massive copper fish structure at the bar, is a must-visit for seafood connoisseurs who want to experience New England fine dining.... Read More

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