Things to do in Newport

What to do in Newport to work up your appetite for more crabs and clams? Here are some active things to do in Newport:

There are nine hiking trails in the Newport area, such as the 3.1-mile Drift Creek Falls, where you can take in the scenery from both the town and ocean. Visit the Hatfield Marine Science Center, a free science museum affiliated with Oregon State University offers an engaging look at marine life, wave energy and the local fishing industry. Some highlights include a dock from Japan that floated all the way here after the 2011 tsunami and the current resident octopus (Previous alums have been released back to the waters).

At 93 feet, the Yaquina Head is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, meanwhile, is the oldest structure in town. If you’re up for a ride (about 13 miles), rent a bicycle and pedal to Depoe’s Bay, where you can see another maritime wonder: spouting horns, which are bursts of air and water that comes from under large sea rocks, and look kind of like a whale spouting from its blowhole.

Attend an otter feeding frenzy before seeing sharks, touch pools, and a resident giant octopus.