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Editor’s Pick: The Visionary Jochen Zeitz, Founder of Segera Retreat, Laikipia, Kenya Former Puma CEO and chairman Jochen Zeitz is on a multiple-front crusade for ethical commerce across the globe. Tasked with overseeing the sustainable-developm...
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By Colleen Clark

Escape to one of the world’s fabulous, affordable beach resorts, where even the room rate will put you at ease.

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By Hadas Dembo
I wake to the sound of waves licking the shore. A breeze blows the flaps of our tent open and shut, open and shut. It is dawn. My daughter, snug in a cot next to mine, is fast asleep, and judging by the steady rumblings coming from the adjacent te...
In Slovenia's Capital I spent two years stationed at Aviano Air Base in Italy, during which time I became an adopted Slovene and Ljubljancan, so I was happy to see Robert S. Boynton's "Is Ljubljana the Next Prague?" [August]. For years, the city...

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Kayak the Great Northern Peninsula's shores and hike the 1,000-year-old Viking settlement L'Anse aux Meadows. Along the way, you'll dine on wild caribou and native lobster. Butterfield & Robinson gives a percentage of its profits to local environmental organizations.