New Zealand

Restaurants in New Zealand

When you travel to New Zealand, your dining experience will be as diverse and unusual as New Zealand’s landscape. Since New Zealand is an island nation whose major industry is agriculture, much of what is served in local and fresh. Menus show influence of Maori, British and Asian influences.
Be sure to sample dishes in New Zealand restaurants made from: lamb, venison, salmon, crayfish, lobster, locally caught fish and shellfish like Bluff oysters, paua, abalone, mussels, scallops, pipis and tuatua. They are served with locally grown sweet potatoes, kiwifruit, tamarillo, feijoa, and hangi, a traditional Maori dish. Kiwi cuisine is sweetened with local Manuka honey.

Wine is also a major industry in New Zealand so pair your lunch or dinner with an award-winning Sauvignon blanc, pinot noir or Syrah. Restaurants in New Zealand serve some of the best local wines. Auckland, “the city of sails”, is famous for its Polynesian restaurants. In Wellington, diners can experience fresh, locally grown and locally caught dishes expertly prepared by world-renowned chefs in landmark restaurants like: include Matterhorn, Logan Brown and Martin Bosley's Yacht Club Restaurant. These are the best restaurants in New Zealand.

Vineyard restaurants have become very popular. Notable ones include Montana’s Brancott Estate in Marlborough, Gibbston Valley in Queenstown, Black Barn and Elephant Hill in Hawke's Bay, and Marsden Estate near Kerikeri, Northland.

Black Barn is many things: winery, summer concert venue, modern Kiwi art gallery, restaurant, local farmers’ market, and lodging. What makes it all work is that it feels like a personal project, a kind of curated lifestyle, tastefully conceived and stylishly executed.