Clone of MS Rau Antiques
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Clone of MS Rau Antiques

630 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 | (504) 523-5660, United States
MS Rau Antiques Store in New Orleans
Courtesy of MS Rau Antiques
Type of shop
Antiques or collectibles

Royal Street is awash with antique stores, and the most museum-like is also one of the oldest in town. MS Rau has been located here for well over a century, so they're well placed to be knowledgeable about their business. They're also one of the most eclectic stores around—in addition to 18th century furniture and very valuable fine art, they have a wealth of curios that could fit in your suitcase, from silverware to collectible weaponry to strange jewelry from exotic lands. Even if you're not in the market for period furnishings, this shop is definitely at the top of the city's browse-worthy league.

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