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The obsession and sheer everyday delight in finding places to eat in New Orleans means that even collating a list of recommended restaurants is a nea... Read More

The obsession and sheer everyday delight in finding places to eat in New Orleans means that even collating a list of recommended restaurants is a near-impossible and controversial task. Even declaring a favorite fried chicken, be it from Dooky Chase or Wille Mae’s Scotch House, can result in an afternoon-long debate, and that’s before you start to wax lyrical about Parkway Tavern’s po boy sandwiches or the Ruben at Stein’s Deli. When hunting some of the best restaurants in New Orleans, high-end experiences are on every street corner, from decades-old institutions such as Brennan’s to relative newcomers like Restaurant August and brand new classics such as Shaya. You won’t be short on advice about where to eat, but for what it’s worth, this is our shortlist to give you a flavor.

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  • August

    Opened in 2001 by James Beard Award-winner and New Orleans native John Besh, August has become a fine dining favorite in the Central Business District.... Read More

  • Bevi Seafood Co.

    The original seafood market and restaurant lies out in the suburbs, so there was much rejoicing at the announcement that a Mid City branch was opening... Read More

  • Brennan's

    There aren't many restaurants that create their reputations on their breakfast menu, but here it includes cocktails and dessert—and that dessert... Read More

  • Cochon, New Orleans

    As the name suggests, there's a healthy obsession here with all things porcine, with Louisiana native Donald Link showcasing his passion and roots with... Read More

  • Commander’s Palace

    For more than a century, this white and turquoise Victorian building with striped awnings has graced a quiet corner of the Garden District. The... Read More

  • Compère Lapin

    Hotel restaurants in the Warehouse District haven't traditionally been held in high esteem, but Chef Nina Compton's venture in the Old 77 Hotel and... Read More

  • Dooky Chase's

    Come for the world famous fried chicken, come back for the rest of the menu, which is regularly and vocally celebrated as having some of the best soul... Read More

  • Doris Metropolitan

    Steakhouses and refined glamour don't necessarily go hand-in-hand in New Orleans, and Israeli butchers dealing in dry-aged beef seemed an unlikely... Read More

  • Mimi's in the Marigny

    In the heady mix that is New Orleans, Mimi’s celebrates the Gulf Coast sound and all the smoky, sweaty soul that comes with it. Saturday nights swing... Read More

  • Parkway Bakery & Tavern

    The local take on a French bread sandwich—the Po Boy—is an omnipresent feature on local menus, but few places rise above mediocrity in their offerings.... Read More

  • Peche

    What Cochon is to pork for Donald Link, Peche is, unsurprisingly, to fish. Many local restaurants sanitize the seafood eating experience, but Peche... Read More

  • Pizza Delicious

    Simplicity has been paying high dividends for this New York-style pizza kitchen, which opened in 2013 in the fashionable Bywater neighborhood. The menu... Read More

  • Restaurant R'Evolution

    Chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto got carte blanche when they built the kitchen for Restaurant R'evolution. It is a beautiful, state-of-the-art... Read More

  • Sac-a-Lait

    Although Cajun influences abound in the city, there's little high-end food nor dining experiences that are truly Cajun. Set in a converted 19th-century... Read More

  • Satsuma

    Young creatives and locals walking their dogs are likely to be your co-diners at this hip breakfast and lunch café, which places an accent on healthy... Read More

  • Shaya

    Almost from opening, Chef Alon Shaya's Israeli restaurant has been at the top of many people's culinary wish list in New Orleans. Located in one of the... Read More

  • Stein's Market and Deli

    With the Po Boy reigning supreme in New Orleans, there's a hoagie-sized gap for regular Jewish and Italian sandwiches done to a high standard, and it's... Read More

  • The Company Burger

    There's a substantial amount of general local agreement that the uptown Company Burger (which recently opened a downtown outpost) serves among the best... Read More

  • The Joint

    Obviously, barbecue in the South is a serious business, but this particular culinary style was always in the wings in a city where Cajun and Creole... Read More

  • Toup's Meatery

    There's not much disguising the nature of this Mid City restaurant given the name, a contemporary Cajun celebration of carnivores that has gained... Read More

  • Willie Mae's Scotch House

    There are endless variations on the list of essential New Orleans restaurants, but none of them are likely to overlook this beloved city institution.... Read More

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