New Jersey

Kingda Ka


1 Six Flags Blvd., Six Flags Great Adventure,
New Jersey,
United States,

Brace Yourself: The current big daddy of coasters, this ride towers, quite literally, above all others. At the ride’s highest peak, the brave folks who step aboard soar a record 456 feet (the equivalent of 45 stories) aboveground. Catapulting up with the help of a hydraulic launch at a record-setting speed (128 mph), Kingda Ka reaches its top height in just 3.5 seconds. On the way down, there’s a 270-foot spiral; this is not a world record, but there’s plenty of spinning action for this hair-raising trip, during which riders will experience both negative and positive G force.

If You Chicken Out: Drive your car or take a VIP Land Rover tour ($150 per guest) of the 4.5-mile auto trail through the 350-acre Wild Safari, which holds the world record as the largest drive-through safari outside of Africa. Some 1,200 wild animals roam the park, including giraffe, lions, rhinos, and kangaroos, and spottings are guaranteed. Nervous Nellies take comfort: the most ferocious of the animals are behind bars.