New Delhi

Olive Beach


9 Sardar Patel Marg, Hotel Diplomat,
New Delhi,


This enormously popular nightspot originally set up in South Delhi but has since relocated to the white-gravel-strewn grounds of the Hotel Diplomat, an otherwise unremarkable fixture of Delhi’s (you guessed it) Diplomatic Enclave. Score one for the hotel’s lucky owners: they’ve now got one of the prettiest boîtes in town. Whitewashed stucco and poured concrete are offset with turquoise cushions straight out of Mykonos, while unfinished wooden benches and plank tables topped with craft paper set an informal tone that’s rare in this gilt-crazy town. Though the crowd is mostly Indian, there’s nary a sari in sight: seemingly everyone’s under 35, wearing premium denim and ordering top-shelf caipiroskas down by the fire pit. Food is also served, in the way that MTV also shows videos. You needn’t bother.