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By Erika Owen
In a new photo series, artist Joe Johnson showcases Reno, Nevada’s casinos like you’ve never seen them before. By photographing the locations early in the morning, Johnson captures a few calm moments before the daily gambling commences in the laby...
By Nate Storey

From Croatian discotheques to “vampire clubs,” from beaches to warehouses, from Tel Aviv to Singapore, these are the world’s best clubs.

By Sandra Ramani
Thanks to these innovations, you can rest easy on the road. Smart Beds: Last year, Four Seasons created a customizable bed, allowing guests to pick their preferred firmness for mattress toppers and pillows. At some Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts...
By Andrea Bennett
By now, it’s not even relevant to address people’s tired misconceptions that Las Vegas is the land of the tired $1.99 prime beef dinner, or the bastion of the sat-under-the-heat-lamp-too-long buffet. After all, the city is now well-known as a majo...
By Andrea Bennett
Chances are, if you’re coming to Vegas, at some point you’ll be standing in line—or better yet, have the good sense to make that overpriced sanity-saver, the VIP reservation—at a nightclub in town. There are a few other things you can do to speed ...
By Andrea Bennett
Vegas might be known for its four-mile strip of land packed to the gills with Cirque du Soleil shows (there were eight at last count and yes, all are spectacular), but there’s a lot of other entertainment here, too. In fact, according to the Las V...

Hotels in Nevada

The Venetian, on the Las Vegas Strip, isn’t the only place where Italy is re-created in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. Consider Ravella, a sprawling, 349-room resort on the shores of Lake Las Vegas, just 17 miles east of Sin City.

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This otherworldly bowl-shaped hole is nearly 4,000 feet across and 430 feet deep, and was formed two million years ago when lava bubbled along a fault line. To get there, turn right onto US-6 east at the Warm Springs junction.