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This story originally appeared on year millions of people in India, Nepal, and around the world celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi... Read More

An earthquake that rocked Nepal in April 2015 may have caused Mount Everest—the tallest mountain in the world—to sink.According to the Press Trust of... Read More

If you think the biggest mountain in the world is pretty obvious (a little hill known as Mount Everest), you may be surprised to learn the subject... Read More

In the middle of a languid length of backstroke, I heard muffled screams. “Haathi!”—elephant!—“It’s coming this way!” Sputtering out of the pool, I... Read More

Prince Harry was set to conclude his tour of Nepal today by making several appearances that included giving an impassioned speech on women’s rights... Read More

In the former Kingdom of Lo, a high-altitude desert straddling the Nepalese Himalayas and Tibetan plateau, is the monastery of Muktinath. Known for... Read More

%image2Diwali, or the festival of lights, is a five-day celebration in the Hindu calendar. Each day of the holiday has its own focus—crows, cows,... Read More

Nepalese travelers no longer have to choose between “male” or “female” when applying for a passport. The country has introduced a new “other” option,... Read More

Nepal is reopening Mt. Everest for mountaineers after a massive earthquake hit the country in April.Nobukazu Kuriki, a Japanese climber, will begin his... Read More

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal in April moved Mount Everest 3 centimeters, or 1.2 inches, to the southwest, according to a report... Read More

“We are pleased to inform you that Nepal is now safe to visit,” reads an email from Adventure Mountain Explore Treks & Expedition (AME treks) sent... Read More

As Nepal reels from an earthquake that left over 3,000 dead and more than 6,500 injured, people around the world are scrambling to determine how they... Read More

North AmericaIconic HikesOur top picks for tackling some of the most scenic U.S. landscapes.Yosemite National Park, California: On the Yosemite Walking ... Read More, Walking, and BikingAlpine AscentsAdrenaline-inducing mountaineering trips that... Read More

Experience the wild beauty of Nepal on a 15-day trek with Alpine Interface. Guides—all of whom have completed a rigorous certification process—lead... Read More

When Afghanistan's Taliban announced plans in February to destroy all of the country's statues—including two gigantic fifth-century Buddha figures— the... Read More

Visit two captivating Himalayan destinations—splitting time between volunteering and sightseeing—on this three-week tour. Projects include accompanying... Read More

Some years ago a friend made a trip to Kathmandu. At her hotel, she asked where she might sample the city's best Nepali food."Hmm," the concierge said. ... Read More

The word tour often conjures images of buses crammed with tourists and drone-like guides rattling off perfunctory details about sights seen through a... Read More

(51) Zimbabwe 14 days of hiking and canoeing Looking for a safari, but don't want to spend all your time in a Range Rover?Geo Expeditions now offers an... Read More

(31) Kathmandu Treasure-hunting in the Himalayas A religious center for generations, the Kathmandu Valley now draws modern shoppers. Set aside three... Read More

Mark Orwoll, seasoned traveler and Travel + Leisure's Managing Editor, is here to help you with your travel questions. To ask a question, send an email... Read More

In January of this year, I contacted Rajeev Shrestha, a friend in Kathmandu who runs a travel agency called Wayfarers, to ask him whether it was safe... Read More

See our slideshow of the World’s Top Aerial Tours.The hum of the single-engine Cessna fills your ears as you ascend above the Peruvian high desert.... Read More

Travel changes everything: it supports communities, restructures economies, protects environments, and preserves our cultural heritage. In 2008, this... Read More

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