Negril Travel Guide

Ideas for what to do in Negril start with the obvious. Travelers have ample access to white sand beaches, where they can soak up the sun and soak in temperate Caribbean waters. The area’s famed Seven Mile Beach is an especially popular choice, and here, restless sun worshipers can also explore lines of quaint shops and food stands. Further inland, things to do in Negril include visits to the Royal Palm Reserve, a haven for native plants, birds and butterflies. Aside from these colorful, ground level sites, the reserve also features an observation tower where visitors can look upon Negril from on high.

Another popular idea for things to do in Negril is a trip to Mayfield Falls. Here, travelers can hike through a lush tropical rainforest to reach several picturesque waterfalls hidden from everyday view. The area has earned a reputation as a haven for fun-loving adults, and a list of what to do in Negril wouldn’t be complete without a mention of its vibrant nightlife scene. Check out local bars and clubs such as Floyd’s Pelican Bar and The Jungle to party the night away.

The Scene: Grab your camera before heading to this scenic beach bar. Not only is Rick's Café known as one of the best places to watch a sunset in the Caribbean, it's also famous for its gutsy (some say crazy) cliff diving, which goes on right next to the bar.

For the past seven years, The Jungle, run by the five charismatic Wallace brothers, has been known as the place to dance in Negril—and you never know who’s going to show up (both heavyweight boxing champ Lennox Lewis and former Miss Universes have been known to make appearances).

If someone collected masses of driftwood and palm fronds, nailed them all together, and stuck the resulting structure on stilts out in the ocean, it would likely look like Floyd’s Pelican Bar.

Expert tour guides lead small groups to a series of waterfalls in the middle of the rainforest. The river may seem daunting, but don't be afraid to follow your guide out of your comfort zone and into the falls' nooks and crannies.