Negen Straatjes

Miauw Suites


36 Hartenstraat,

1016 CC.

In September 2007, three years after opening her Antwerp B&B, designer Analik Brower, followed up with three rooms above and one below her Amsterdam boutique-exhibition space in the city’s Negen Straatjes area. The decor combines bare-bones charm—single walls covered in a Delftware-style toile; sleek oak beds and vintage chandeliers; and floors layered with shiny white paint—with modern conveniences like heated bathroom floors and computer-equipped rooms complete with 20-inch Apple iTVs. Breakfast can be taken in the surprisingly spacious apartments, all of which include a living room and open kitchen. Pop-up shops occupy the ground floors and alternate bimonthly between quirky concept-stores, galleries, exhibition spaces, and cafes. Clothing, artwork, and home furnishings from local, aspiring artists make up much of the merchandise.