Nantucket Town

Seaman Schepps


47 Main St.,
United States,

Though it’s been around since 1904 and has its flagship store elsewhere (specifically, on New York City’s Park Avenue), this opulent jewelry shop’s Nantucket location bears mentioning for two reasons. First, because some of its most famous jewelry designs—earrings and cuff links, in particular—incorporate jewel-adorned seashells (what could be more islandy than that?). And second, because the shop now occupies an expansive new storefront, which until 2008 housed the popular Congdon's Pharmacy (and its locally famous soda-and-ice-cream counter). Though summer visitors stopping by for their customary milk shakes might be momentarily disappointed, many will stay and browse; the glittering pearl necklaces, tourmaline brooches, and “mousetrap” link bracelets in the display cases have already dazzled the likes of Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, and the Duchess of Windsor.