Murray's Toggery Shop
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Murray's Toggery Shop

62 Main St., Nantucket, MA 02446 | (508) 228-0437
Murray's Toggery Shop Store in Nantucket
Courtesy of Murray's Toggery Shop

The original source of the iconic brick-red sailcloth trousers known as Nantucket Reds, Murray's has been a mainstay of old-guard islander fashion since 1945. Although the shop stocks Reds in every permutation (shorts, skirts, belts, hats), a lot of the merchandise spread through the two adjoining storefronts is of the brightly colored, super-preppy variety: women's and men's rainbow-hued polo shirts; cotton cable-knit sweaters; madras jackets and dresses; and belts embroidered with whales, lobsters, and signal flags. This shop is a must-visit—it's truly a part of Nantucket history.

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