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Milly and Grace

2 Washington St., Nantucket, MA 02554 | (508) 901-5051, United States
Milly and Grace Store in Nantucket
Courtesy of Milly and Grace

Long-time summer resident Emily Hollister opened her ivy-covered shop in 2010, inspired by her two grandmothers Milly and Grace. The name is fitting for a boutique with a feminine flair and vintage-inspired aesthetic managed by Emily and her sisters. Visitors can expect a big dose of charm as they enter the shop: shabby-chic home decor (candles, pillows, and gifts), statement jewelry, and brands that reflect a warm, beachy aesthetic (Rebecca Minkoff, Joie, Chan Luu, Rebecca Taylor). Their warm and knowledgeable (but never pushy) salespeople ensure that you find the perfect fit.

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