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For visitors to Southern Africa, elephants have long been synonymous with the expansive savannah of that region. With a rise in poaching throughout the... Read More

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Safaris only go so far in terms of sating our desire to see animals in a completely natural environment—but then there's photographer Will Burrard-Lucas... Read More

Cheetahs can accelerate to 70 mph in as few as three seconds, but are still critically endangered. For more than 20 years, the Cheetah Conservation Fund... Read More

For most of us, running out of toothpaste is easily remedied by a quick trip to the local drugstore. For Kirsten and Carl Dixon, owners of the... Read More

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Celebrity Chef: The only thing better than having a Jacques Pépin restaurant on the Oceania Marina? Inviting the chef himself aboard. The May 12 Tuscan... Read More

Build up Namibian communities and preserve their surrounding wildlife with Enkosini Eco Experience. Volunteers help make protective structures for local... Read More

Set between Namibia's fabled sand dunes to the west and ... Read More

…So said a young Namibian guide I met shortly after I landed in the country. Perhaps he sensed that I was still in the first stage of crying time. He... Read More

From a tiny platform 110 feet up an enormous stinking-toe tree, I had a monkey's-eye view of Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. The rain forest was... Read More

Once the epitome of elegant travel, cruising nearly vanished with the dawning of the jet age in the 1960's. But just as martinis and cigars are making a... Read More

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Generally speaking, you don't want a crowbar or a wheelbarrow to feature prominently in your vacation photos. Or rubble. Or poverty (unless, perhaps, it... Read More

In case you needed more enticement to consider an African safari, here are four new ultraluxe ... Read More

Seeing Africa’s big five doesn’t need to be a five-digit investment. This spring, Safari & Adventure Co. (800/327-0373; from $175 per person, per night)... Read More

$800 to $1,000 per person per night: that’s currently the average price of an African safari. The continent might be underdeveloped, but its leading... Read More

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