Restaurants in Nairobi

Nairobi cuisine includes a number of chain restaurants from South Africa like Galitos and Steers, but also offers a food scene unique to the area with Nairobi restaurants drawn to the use peppers and chilies to add some kick to their signature dishes and street foods aplenty. Try these recommended Nairobi restaurants during your vacation.

Book a reservation and consider yourself spoiled for choice at any one of the five award-winning restaurants located in Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel. For dinner, dress up and head to Tatu, one of the best restaurants in Nairobi and tuck into some freshly-caught seafood or a well-prepared steak followed by a glass of red at the hotel’s Cin Cin Wine Bar or a classic English high tea experience at the hotel’s Tea Room. Or become acquainted with the Nairobi people’s penchant for nyama choma, or roasted meats, and prepare to spend a pretty penny at The Carnivore, one of the most popular, meat-friendly restaurants in the city and in the world. Be sure to visit one of the many internationally focused restaurants in Nairobi like Pango Brasserie, which offers upscale French cuisine and fine wine. Whatever you choose, you won’t leave unsatisfied.

Nairobi hangout for lunch or dinner, with an Asian-inflected menu and great seafood. The restaurant serves dishes such as roast duck with wild rice and bok choy. Coming soon: a 40-room Talisman hotel.