Restaurants in Mykonos

Most of the restaurants in Mykonos are clustered together in Mykonos Town. For those eating on a budget, there are countless gyro and souvlaki stands, which provide filling and delicious meals for less than five euros. Those looking to dine more lavishly are in luck, too. The more expensive Mykonos restaurants are typically located on the harbor and offer sweeping views of the ocean. Meanwhile, the more affordable restaurants are generally located closer to the center of Mykonos Town. Most establishments, both upscale and more casual, display their menus outside the establishment, so it is easy for tourists to gauge prices before they sit down to eat.

Some of the best restaurants in Mykonos are, unsurprisingly, seafood restaurants, including Kounelas Fish Tavern, which is located in the heart of Mykonos Town and serves a limited menu that always includes a “catch of the day,” and Konstantis Taverna, a elegant restaurant located right on the beach that serves fresh fish daily. In addition to their fresh food, many restaurants in Mykonos are renowned for their rich and famous clientele. N’Ammos, an upscale restaurant right on the beach, is very expensive, but dinner comes with the possibility that a celebrity will be eating at a table nearby.

Protected from winds inside a deeply cut bay on the north coast of Mykonos, Panormos Beach also sports a seaside restaurant that works hard to blend into the environment with camouflage netting above, a sand floor below, and potted Mediterranean plants and palm trees between tables.

For people-watching, it’s hard to beat this taverna overlooking the old seaport of Mykonos. The covered terrace serves as the main dining area and is held up by ancient, Greek marble columns taken from the sacred island of Delos.

For socialites, this restaurant on Mykonos’ ritzy Psarou Beach is a must-go destination with a formal dining area, outdoor cafe, and beach club.

This Nobu outpost serves black cod with a miso glaze, and other Japanese-inflected dishes late into the night.

Hidden along Aghios Sostic Beach on Mykonos, this rustic taverna with a white exterior shuns modern conveniences like a phone and electricity. Lunch, the only meal option, is prepared until 6 p.m. on a charcoal grill and served on a tree- and bamboo-shaded terrace overlooking the water.

On an island that’s renowned for its glitzy nightlife scene, Astra stands out as one of the hottest clubs in the city. During the day, it’s a quiet lounge housed in a traditional, whitewashed cottage.