Hotels in Mykonos

Hotels in Mykonos range from sparse budget hostels to charming guesthouses and bed & breakfasts, to incredibly luxurious five-star resorts. Accommodations can be found near and around Mykonos Town as well as along the island’s beaches. In general, Mykonos hotels are pricier than hotels on other Greek islands. If you are looking for a reasonable vacation, go during the off-season: it’s not unusual for hotels in Mykonos to double their rates during the summer.

Some of the best hotels in Mykonos, talking luxury not budget, include the Belvedere Hotel, which boasts rooms with expansive sea views, the Myconian Imperial Resort & Thalasso Center, which offers a wide array of room and suite types, and finally, the Kouros Boutique Hotel, which dazzles guests with exceptional views of both Mykonos Town and the Aegean Sea. The island also has more affordable options, such as the family-run Adonis Hotel, the Apsenti Boutique Hotel, which is reserved for couples and honeymooners only, and the Pelican Hotel, located right in the heart of Mykonos Town.

Low-slung whitewashed bungalows built into the hills above a secluded beach. Most of the 96 rooms have mosaic-tiled bathrooms and terraces with ocean views. 

You may think that every square inch of Mykonos has been overdeveloped one way or another, but head to the secluded area of Ftelia at the southern end of Panormos Bay, and you’ll finally find the spacious views of the isle and ocean that the postcards promise.

Near Mykonos’ iconic windmills on the west coast, this hilltop hotel maintains 22 whiter-than-white rooms and suites across five villas accented with light touches of pastel fabrics, wrought-iron beds, and wood furniture.

Kivotos translates to “ark,” and you’ll know why upon your first glance at the funky, three-story Noah’s Villa at the whitewashed Kivotos Hotel.

For those who love the isle of Mykonos but would rather avoid its mazelike town and its summer crowds, Pietra e Mare on the southeastern coast is your ideal Greek retreat.

Standing between windmills and sand, blue crystal waters and the narrow, cobblestoned streets of Mykonos, the restored Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel is everything you wouldn’t expect from a classic Greek hotel.

The Mykonos Grand Hotel on the island’s southwest coast dedicates itself to providing Mediterranean romance with panoramic sea views, iconic, whitewashed walls, cobbled paths, and beach (where the film Shirley Valentine took place).

Stone walls surround this luxury hotel atop Rodari hill, and the boutique property is a hot spot for parties around the asymmetrical outdoor swimming pool. The mostly white rooms in the 1850 mansion, one of the oldest in the area, echo the white townscape below.

The global brand has 250 properties throughout the Caribbean islands, along with an extensive collection in Europe, South Africa, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Bali, Indonesia. Its concierge service can arrange for private chefs, nannies, and island tours.