Restaurants in Munich

Munich restaurants offer a variety of foods ranging from Turkish cuisine to traditional German foods, like sausage and schnitzel, as well as basic foods, like American or fine-dining French. Among these are five star restaurants in Munich, as well.

One such Munich restaurant is Tantris. The overall experience is a collaboration between Asian cuisine and art. Artwork throughout and natural materials, such as bamboo, complement the theme, while the majority of dishes are ocean-centric. Perfected by Mr. Hans Haas, one of the most renowned chefs in Germany, the restaurant is considered unrivaled for seafood cuisine. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2011, Tantris has held two Michelin stars since 1974, the longest period of any spot in Germany, making it one of the best restaurants in Munich.

For a casual meal with traditional flavor, though, head to one of the famous Munich beer halls like Hofbräuhaus. Grab a stein of beer and one of the hearty local specialties, like potatoes and dumplings or Wiener schnitzel.

The local specialty may be sausage and pretzels, but the growing German organic movement is also represented at the airport.

Wooden elephants and stone Buddhas announce the restaurant’s upscale Thai theme (though the menu is a mix of Thai dishes and sushi) with typical Munich extravagance.

Terminal 1’s market-style restaurant and bar (the only 24-hour establishment in the airport) features sekt (German sparkling wine) and serves coffee, cakes, and 16 flavors of ice cream, as well as Bavarian, Italian, and Asian cuisine, in a bustling food-court atmosphere.

Despite its name, this fine-dining restaurant is not actually a buffet in the traditional sense of the word. However, the small bistro does serve a wide variety of international cuisines, including American, Italian, and French.

Surprisingly good soups and sandwiches, prepared by lauded restaurant Zimmes & Zores.

This famous beer hall is housed in a 14th-century building directly across from the National Theatre Munich. The restaurant is divided into two levels serving two different menus, with the top floor providing a more formal experience.

Reservations are essential at this tiny spot, which serves classics like suckling pig.

This upscale hipster locale is known for its glamorous bar scene. The venue also serves delicious Continental home cooking.

The airport outpost of Munich’s favorite coffee roastery and gourmet shop (the Dean & DeLuca of wurst) features strong dark brews and Weisswurst, a delicate white veal sausage served with Munich’s signature snack—a fresh-baked pretzel with mustard.

A Bavarian restaurant with its own brewery and a huge indoor beer garden complete with slatted wooden chairs, Airbräu serves custom-made beer (try the Weissbier, a Bavarian favorite) at $3.30 for a healthy half-liter glass.

The famous Munich beer hall has a branch tucked away on a quiet end of Terminal 2.