Mosel River Valley

Mosel River Valley Travel Guide

Whether you are honeymooning or traveling to Germany on business, there are plenty of things to do in Mosel River Valley. Visit one of the local vineyards to learn about how wine is made and sample some of the finest wines in the country. Book a Mosel River cruise for breathtaking views of life along the shore. Wondering what to do in Mosel River Valley if you are an outdoor enthusiast? Have a picnic lunch atop one of Mosel River Valley's hills; you'll enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the region. Architecture enthusiasts should visit some of the local churches and castles for an inside look at the history of the region.

If you are looking for ways to relax, you will find many things to do in Mosel River Valley. Take a leisurely walk along the banks of the Mosel River, or sit on a bench and do some people watching. Try new wines with your favorite cheeses until you find the perfect pairing. Visit one of the many local shops to find apparel, decorative items, and other merchandise to help you remember your trip to Mosel River Valley. There's no need to wonder about what to do in Mosel River Valley; ask your hotel concierge or bed and breakfast host to tell you about some of the best attractions.

Steinmetz is another of the valley’s young stars. Though he’s 31 now, he bottled his first vintage at 20. His father had a heart attack while Steinmetz was at viticultural school in Trier, and he assumed complete operation of the winery.

A stone’s throw from Luxembourg; pear brandy and grappa are their other great sips.

Tasty plates of cured meats and cheeses and an extensive, fairly priced wine selection.

A kiosk, really—no chairs, just an open-air wine-bar-in-the-round, and in its center, a young man and woman pouring wine.

When he’s not working at Selbach-Oster, twentysomething Stefan Jakoby, along with his brother, Peter, run this precocious young winery.

Boutique estate-grown Riesling producer.

Embedded into a wooded hillside, and notable for its Pinot Noir