Hotels in Moscow

Take a page from Barack Obama’s book and stay the National Hotel—the most presidential of all the hotels in Moscow. Moscow’s most vaunted historic hotel sits in a prime location across the street from the Kremlin. The 1903 Art Nouveau building has recently been renovated but still retains its old world glamour. The legend goes that National Hotel was Lenin’s favorite hangout, and he stayed there even as he plotted against the aristocrats that shared his fine taste.

For something more sleek and modern, there is the Ararat Park Hyatt, exceptional among Moscow hotels for its spare, spacious, and thoroughly contemporary decorating. Have a drink in the glass-topped penthouse lounge where power brokers and European celebrities gather and take in the spectacular views of the city. This is one of the best hotels in Moscow for a spa experience, so take advantage of the Quantum Health Club, which boasts a chic rooftop pool surrounded by chaise lounges, and the traditional Russian spa with steamy baths and vigorous deep-tissue massages.

While most hotels in Moscow tread on their pre-Revolutionary decadence, MaMaison Spa Hotel Pokrovka bucks the trend of bigger-is-better, and it’s a welcome find for boutique hotel lovers. The modern building is set just a five-minute drive east from the Kremlin—yet the neighborhood full of medieval Orthodox churches, prerevolutionary mansions, and chic cafés and boutiques, is still off the beaten path for most tourists. The guestrooms offer polished stone bathrooms and canopied beds—stylish, but affordable when compared to the steep rates nearer the Kremlin.

It bucks the Moscow trend of bigger-is-better, and it’s a bit off the well-trod tourist track—and that’s exactly why this boutique hotel is such a welcome find.

Distinct among Moscow’s top hotels for its sleek modernity, the Ararat is epitomized by its glass-topped penthouse lounge—where power brokers and visiting European celebrities gather for breakfast mocha or evening vodka, along with spectacular views over the Kremlin’s star-peaked towers.

Real presidents stay in the Presidential Suite at the National—Moscow’s most vaunted historic hotel, set just across the street from the Kremlin.

The Most serves a novel kind of Russian cuisine in czarist-dream surroundings. Black bread comes with an exotic fruit-and-olive chutney. Beets appear in a surprising, sublime cold soup with pistachios. This is central Moscow now, refined and elegant as it hasn't been since the era of Pushkin.

Discreet and distinguished, this little-advertised hotel exudes serenity in the heart of a city on a 24-hour coffee buzz.

Russia’s aristocratic past and hungry-for-luxury present collide at the Ritz, a posh addition to Moscow’s hotel lineup.