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By Kimberly Brown
It is morning again in Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, and 15 of us are hearing it for the first time. Fifteen pairs of lightweight hiking boots and Reeboks stand in a single file, rooted to the damp, dark path. Heads back, mouths s...
By Adam McCulloch
See our slideshow of The World’s Most Pristine Forests. Forests face an age-old problem: they’re worth more dead than alive. For thousands of years humans have slashed and burned their way through millions of acres of wilderness, turning it into ...

Hotels in Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve

This rustic eco-lodge in the lush, misty Tilarán Mountains set the standard for environmentally sustainable properties here when it opened in 1990. It’s owned by Costa Rica Expeditions, one of the country’s best adventure-tour operators and an ethical-tourism pioneer since 1978.

Restaurants in Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve

Located next to a supermarket in the town of Santa Elena, this small eatery stands out with its sleek black-and-white décor and a contemporary menu that offers much more than the standard rice and beans.

Things to do in Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve

A 1.7-mile zipline network in the Monteverde Reserve operated by Costa Rica Sky Adventures gives airborne guests close-up glimpses of forest-dwelling mammals, like the fuzzy brown martilla, as well as views of the smoldering Arenal Volcano.