Restaurants in Montauk

Montauk restaurants offer a range of cuisines, but in the eateries on Lake Drive, fresh seafood is always on the menu. Inlet Seafood has some of the freshest seafood and sushi you will ever eat, and Byron, at the Surf Lodge, is a great place to enjoy delicious seafood while watching a live band perform. Runaways Bar & Grill is the spot for freshly caught seafood, like flounder stuffed with lump crab. The Gig Shack is where you can get “global surf cuisine,” including fish tacos and even a soft-shell crab BLT.

Landlubbers won't go hungry, either: sizzling steaks and other grilled meats are availa-ble at many of the best restaurants in Montauk. Take a break from seafood dishes by visiting Manucci's, known for its Italian fare. Visit on Sunday for a chance to enjoy the breakfast buffet. At Hideaway, tasty Mexican cuisine is accompanied by lively Latin beats. Try a local favorite, the grilled corn on the cob. The open-air restaurant is one of the best-known restaurants in Montauk.

Saunter right off the sand at this beachfront surf shack and cool off at the bar, shoes and shirt optional. The provocative name is befitting of the jolly scantily-clad crowd, replete with an occasional Charlie Sheen sighting.

Gig Shack serves "global surf cuisine," including fish tacos and a soft-shell crab BLT. Stick around long enough to watch a local musician drop in for an impromptu acoustic set.

For a light dinner, try tender littleneck clams with a gorgeous view of the harbor.

The restaurant is owned by six native fishermen who unload their daily catch less than 150 feet away from the restaurant. For fish any fresher—in tacos, sushi, and more—you’d have to catch it yourself.

After riding the morning waves, everyone gathers for breakfast burritos and chai lattes at Joni's.

New owner Jayma Cardoso has dialed back the Bacchanalian revelry and returned the Surf Lodge to its more mellow origins.

One block from the ocean, Runaways is the spot for just-caught seafood, such as flounder stuffed with lump crab.

Bring a bottle of rosé to Duryea’s Lobster Deck, set on a rocky Montauk outcropping and renowned for its well-priced lobster. Just be prepared for a long wait.

Tucked in the back of a marina, this open-air restaurant is worth seeking out for its grilled Mexican corn on the cob.

Smell the roses while lunching on scallop-laden bruschetta in the magnificent Tuscan-inspired garden.