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Molokai Travel Guide

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  • Molokoi: Still A Small Town

    Molokai is an island of superlatives— Hawaii's longest beach, the world's highest sea cliffs, site of Hawaii's bloodiest royal battles, ancient home to... Read More

  • Hawaii Explored by Land and Sea

    Let's face it: most of us hit the sand on our tropical vacations and never budge. By the time we've packed up everything, flown God knows how far,... Read More

  • Trend: Tented Resorts

    Forget the frumpy, olive-drab tents of your childhood. A new breed of oversized tents is being pitched at ecotourism sites and luxury resorts around... Read More

  • Molokai's Dilemma

    Hawaii has had a love-hate relationship with big ships ever since Captain James Cook stumbled upon the Sandwich Islands in 1778. ... Read More

  • New Family Tours | Fall/Winter 2008

    Just in time for the winter holidays, top outfitters are debuting sure-bet trips. On Micato’s first family safari (800/642-2861;; 15 days for... Read More

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