Molokai Travel Guide

Articles about Molokai

By Kimberly Robinson
Molokai is an island of superlatives— Hawaii's longest beach, the world's highest sea cliffs, site of Hawaii's bloodiest royal battles, ancient home to the most powerful priests. Consequently, the simplest things take on a larger significance. A s...
By Kimberly Brown
Let's face it: most of us hit the sand on our tropical vacations and never budge. By the time we've packed up everything, flown God knows how far, unpacked everything, and organized the family for a week of fun and relaxation, we deserve to dig ou...
By Joshua David
Forget the frumpy, olive-drab tents of your childhood. A new breed of oversized tents is being pitched at ecotourism sites and luxury resorts around the world. Whether done in Rajasthani opulence or hippie chic, they are the little black dresses ...
By Christopher R. Cox
Hawaii has had a love-hate relationship with big ships ever since Captain James Cook stumbled upon the Sandwich Islands in 1778. Whalers and sailors, missionaries and fruit barons followed with goods, diseases, and hidden agendas. Lately, however...

Hotels in Molokai

Two isolated cottages sit on the eastern side of Molokai, a remote location that provides an abundance of quality “alone time.” Pauwalu and Pu’unana are the names of these green-and-white houses on the water’s edge, and each features interiors with hardwood floors, ceiling fans, and simple, islan

Things to do in Molokai

Island visitors who desire a break from heavy, “touristy” foods frequently seek out this tin building to help stock the cupboards and fridges of their rental homes.