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Modena Travel Guide

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  • The New Generation of European Inns

    Surely you’ve played this game: Are you a hotel person, or an inn person? ... Read More

  • An Epic European Road Trip

    Day One: Brussels to Frankfurt (340 miles) ... Read More

  • Eat Like a Local in Italy

    At the rental-car return in Milan’s Malpensa airport, I take a last pensive sniff of our Fiat Panda. Someone should bottle the scent and call it Aroma... Read More

  • Emilia-Romagna's Changing Cuisine

    Sipping spumante near the Romanesque duomo in Modena, my friend John and I watch a pack of grandmothers in crisp linen suits feed chunks of Parmesan to... Read More

  • Discovering Italy’s Car Culture

    As I drive my tiny rental car down a winding country road into Modena, the first thing I see is a giant spire puncturing the clouds. It is “Il Tridente,... Read More

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