Pergamon Museum


5 Am Kupfergraben,


Arguably one of the world’s finest archaeological museums, the Pergamon sits proudly in the center of the city’s famed Museumsinsel (Museum Island), a collection of five spectacular museums that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Among the showstoppers in the permanent collection here is an enormous partial re-creation of the Pergamon altar from 170–159 B.C., whose frieze (originally 371 feet long) depicts a war between Hellenistic gods. Then there’s the two-story-high Roman Market Gate of Miletus, which dates to A.D. 120, and the dazzling blue-tiled Gate of Ishtar, commissioned in the sixth century B.C. as an entry to the ancient city of Babylon. Many other less monumental but still gorgeous examples of Islamic art and Near Eastern antiquities are also on display.